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Spontaneous Interventions

Created for the United States Pavilion at the 13th International Venice Architecture Biennale. Shot with only the use of web cameras, it rotated through the central gallery and could be seen moving from the main road in the Giardini. It asked twenty-five show participants to present their vision of the future American City in the style of a presidential YouTube message and also included an interview component. The video will be on view Memorial Day through Labor Day 2013 with the rest of the show at the Chicago Cultural Center.

I was a teenage cryonicist, VICE's Motherboard TV

I interviewed Matthew Deutsch- a singular teenager. He is not only afraid of dying, but he’s made plans to put his brain on ice after he does so that he might be revived in the future. At 17, he is very likely the youngest cryonics candidate in the world.

Bjarke Ingels: High Riser

Young starchitect Bjarke Ingels talks manifestation, midwifery and shamanism while riding down the Venice canals in this short for LVMH-owned website NOWNESS.

Middle Class Poverty, In Production

This film explores the shrinking middle class in American suburbs, in particular the Atlanta metro area. We witness and relate to the shock and denial that many families are living in as they struggle to make ends meet in hotel rooms, storage units, 18-wheeler trucks, tent cities, or the seats of their cars.

The Kids

On an abandoned talc mine surrounded by the Kingston mountains in Death Valley, three local kids sit down on a cliff to have dinner.


Short video sketch on a dry desert lake-bed used as a golf course.

New Urbanism

A twelve-part series exploring D.I.Y. urbanism, intervention, and adaptive re-use projects. Presented are imaginative and sustainable solutions for urban living, from rooftop farming to swimming pools made out of trash dumpsters. Here a park is created inside a travel trailer, a crime-ridden alley is transformed into a forest, a vacant lot becomes a temporary village, a group of artists create a self-sustainable floating barge, and a dangerous underpass and subway station becomes an opera house.

Survival International Campaign

Filmed in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains for Survival International and used for a campaign to stop the ongoing violence against indigenous people in Colombia.

Audition, the Film

Documentary producer for this hybrid fiction/documentary about a couple's love story portrayed by one hundred actors who audition for two lead roles and the chance to become the film's stars.

A Permanent Present

Short video about a rare type of persistent deja vu called deja vecu meaning Already Lived. Thinking of the condition as metaphor for the mundanity of life and the homogeneity of the landscape.

Nebulous Theorem

Video for a residency at the Center for Land Use Interpretation in Wendover, Utah. What happens to your sense of time at 700mph? Land speed designer and multi-record holder Jack Costella talks about it.

Experiments in Motion: GSAPP 1/4

Produced a series of videos on a research initiative between Audi and Columbia University GSAPP to develop and test new paradigms in the relationship between motion, mobility and design. Interview with Mark Wigley, Dean of GSAPP.

Searching for Beauty in the Mundane World

Never before seen video commission from 2006 of 12 videos on the 4 elements: Fire, Wind, Water and Earth. A search for Beauty in the ordinary. Video shown here is from from the Con Ed Plant on the East River, Manhattan.

Immaculate Telegraphy

Artist Jamie O’Shea builds an electric telegraph from scratch using only tools and materials found in the wilderness of New Jersey. Could the telegraph have existed in the Stone Age with the proper knowledge?

Mars on Earth

A group of scientists at the Mars Desert Research station simulate life on the Red Planet at a site close to Hanksville, Utah. They take a trip to Goblin Valley to conduct research, show us around the "hab", and tell us about life in analogue.

Lunar Healing

Three-minute story for video publisher Cinelan on experiments with moonlight using modern technology in the Sonoran desert.


Three-minute story for video publisher Cinelan on a 1970s experimental city and urban laboratory in the high desert of Arizona.

Life on the Lava Flow, Part 1

The Powers family lived in front of an active volcano for decades before the lava finally came down and hit their house. The volcano is still active and the lava is still flowing, so this time, they built a smaller house.

Life on the Lava Flow, Part 2

The Esposito family lives on top of the lava flow in a bus powered by solar and wind power. They don't have too much to worry about in case of a recession.

Commercial & Industrial

New York Fashion Week 2013

Photographer for Sephora documenting makeup techniques backstage at Dennis Basso, BCBG, Charlotte Ronson, and Herve Leger.

LVMH: Sephora

The launch of Prabal Gurung's new uniform design for Sephora.